Interiors Inspired by Nature

Following a degree in Interior Architecture, I gained experience across a variety of projects as a designer and project manager at leading design studios in London before establishing Pia Design.

The main objective of my designs is to interpret the style preferences of each client and develop something tailored to them. Despite my projects often taking their own, unique direction as a result, there is nonetheless common thread that underlies each one, apparent in the use of natural  materials - wood, stone, cork, metal etc can be used to add texture, but also colour to a scheme before simply specifying paint.


A love of nature is at the heart of my designs and my philosophy is that the best form of sustainability is a carefully considered scheme and the use of quality materials - natural materials have a timeless quality about them that surpasses trends whilst also standing the test of time: some materials even grow more beautiful with age.


I am proud to be a member of the Society of British Interior Design - SBID accredits professional interior designers, product suppliers and educational institutions; SBID Accreditation has a pre-eminent reputation for accrediting experienced and trained professionals who abide by a globally recognised code of practice. This provides an assurance around the world for British Designers who trade internationally with countries where the SBID logo is recognised as a sign of Design Excellence. 

Pia Design is also listed in the House & Garden directory of top 1,000 interior design professionals in the UK, The List by House & Garden.

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Sustainable Design

Design shouldn't cost the earth - one of our core values is a commitment to green and sustainable practices. We select our manufacturers and suppliers carefully to make sure their green practices are aligned with our own values.

We are endeavouring towards a plastic-free and paperless office and have implemented many eco-friendly practices at the studio, from recycling, composting and waste reduction, to low-energy LED lighting - our mission is to continually take steps to reduce our carbon footprint even more.


As members of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our sales revenue to approved environmental non-profit organisations - our chosen charity to support is Drip By Drip, who's focus is on tackling the water issues in the fashion and textiles industry.​ We also work with Forest Carbon to ensure that we plant new trees in the UK to offset our carbon emissions.


When it comes to designing, we strive for responsible and sustainable design:

Reuse, Refurbish, Repurpose

Green Materials

Sustainable Values

Renovations are expensive enough as it is, let alone the ecological impact on resources. If something can be repurposed, refurbished or reused, we will suggest this before replacing with something new.

We believe in specifying responsibly sourced and sustainable materials wherever possible. This means sourcing locally and working with manufacturers and suppliers who share our green values.

We believe that the best form of sustainability is a well considered design - timeless design features and hard-wearing, good quality materials will last for years before needing to be replaced.