Ardingly Antiques Fair

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Recently I was lucky enough to win some tickets to Ardingly Antiques Market courtesy of the lovely Emma Merry Styling and her instagram competition and IACF. I'm one of those people who 'never wins anything' so I was surprised and excited and had to take advantage of the opportunity. I'd been to Ardingly only once before - in November, furniture sourcing with a client.

I enjoyed keeping my eyes open for one-off finds for clients, as well as a few treats for myself - sometimes it's more inspiring to just see what you come across than to look for anything specific.

I loved my wooden ladder and boxes from Colin Dare, who manufactures and imports reclaimed wooden furniture from Indonesia, and also makes customised furniture / accessories by commission.

If you've never been before or just need some encouragement to visit again, have a look at the IACF website for your nearest venues and dates - I highly recommended a trip. :)