Follow Your Instincts

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Modern living is full of decision making. Should you apply for that dream job, should you invest in property or invest your earnings in shares, should you eat that last donut, what do you really want in life in order to be happy…

Most of us float through life making one decision after another, looking for the thing that makes us happy. With so many decisions to make with such significant implications to our lives, it’s no wonder that we spend such a great amount of time ‘talking to ourselves’.

Every decision we make in life we make based on our own internal voice. This voice that is the gift of man kind and what makes us sentient - no other species is known to be able to internalise decision making in such a way - but it's also our curse. If we allow it, the constant feedback from ourselves will never fail to remind us of what we did wrong or could have done better, or worse yet that we will never do better or be good enough.

Having chosen a career path in interior design in order to pursue my passion, it is a shame to spend so much of my time second guessing myself and feeling stressed.

As such, to combat these negative feelings, I have been reading a lot of books lately - some of my favourites include:

  • Mind Management, the Chimp Paradox (Prof. Steve Peters) - one of the best books out there that explore the topics of success and mind management, if you haven’t read this I highly recommend it.

  • The Subtle art of not giving a Fuck (Mark Manson) - a bit more of a light-hearted spin on not taking things so seriously

  • The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle) - a more spiritual guide on living

  • Rewire your Anxious Brain (Elizabeth M Karle MLIS, Catherine M. Pittman (PhD) - exploring the science behind how the brain works.

I have come away from my self-learning exercise with a deeper understanding of how to manage my mind and focus more on the positive thoughts than the doubts.

One of my favourite quotations is “Follow your dreams, the stars will show you the way”. It’s really about listening to your instincts - learning to live for you, not for other people’s acceptance. Living in a way that is truly honest to ourselves. I believe that if you follow your instincts, the rest will follow.