Lack of Confidence is Key?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

When you start a business, one thing everyone seems to tell you is 'be confident and just go for it'! Confidence of course is a must in business - it's confidence and passion (and of course knowledge, too) that convey to customers that you are good at what you do and that they should trust you to deliver the service you are providing for them.

Studies have even shown that people who are extremely confident come across as more knowledgable, more authoritative and more trustworthy than those who lack confidence. Even if your facts are wrong, delivering what you have to say with confidence will make people more likely to believe you.

However, believing in yourself over all logic and reason means you will miss valuable signs that things are going the wrong way and too much confidence can start to present itself as arrogance.

Fortunately, many entrepreneurs experience the complete opposite of arrogance - a lack of confidence - I believe that those feelings of self-doubt can do us a big favour in business.

Letting yourself feel vulnerable to a little lack of self-confidence and maintaining the humility to 'check yourself' first, allows you to calmly assess the situation from multiple perspectives before drawing conclusions and responding. As a believer in 'gut instinct', for me this uncertainty in myself is also a way of being able to tune into my gut feelings more effectively.

And, when it comes to doubts about growing your business successfully - make one phone call a day, send one email a day, do one thing that’s going to help your business, every day, even if it’s hard. What’s the worst that could happen? Someone might say ‘no’. Go for it, take daily steps towards your goals. Embrace the uncertainty and lack of self-confidence and let it make you better.

And always remember that you still have to come out at the end of it believing in yourself. :)

Me doing my best to look confident - although I hate being photographed and I insisted on having Pepsi in the photo for moral support! :) Photography by Richard Chivers.