Design Crushes

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I often say that my design style is inspired by nature and enduring design characteristics - I endeavour to create designs that feel natural, cosy and will look stylish for years to come, rather than be led too much by design trends.

However, I am also incredibly inspired by other interior designers, so I thought I'd write a little homage to a few of my favourite designers - this is by no means an all-inclusive list, just a shortlist of my current crushes. :)

Bergman & Mar

A creative interior design agency and curated furniture shop led by the genius Petra Arko. 

They design luxurious interior design packages for discerning investors in London's premier developments. What I love about their style is that it's luxurious yet understated - it's quality over glitz and glamour. Their natural colour palettes are right up my street, and I am always inspired by the way they combine contemporary and antique / classic design elements and the way they consider composition (just look at the beautiful curves and geometry of the furniture pieces they combine).

Lillie Square Project

Arent & Pyke

Arent & Pyke are an award-winning design studio in, Sydney, Australia, run by the Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke. Time after time, they just keeps producing the most incredible work - natural finishes and neutral palettes but with some glorious, bold pops of geometry or colour. Bold but not loud and just downright ingenious.

Double Bay House

Studio Joanna Laajisto

Not only does fellow Finnish interior designer Joanna Laajisto design the most stunning, Scandinavian-inspired residential homes, she is also renowned for her commercial work and was designated Interior Architect of the year 2018 by The Finnish Association of Interior Architects. Studio Joanna Laajisto also believe that "a well designed project is the best form of sustainability ... [and] our designs are always crafted from the end-user's point of view", which I absolutely love and couldn't agree with more. Maybe this passion for quality and timeless interiors led by an understanding of who the client is has its roots in Nordic thinking?

Loyly - Helsinki

Rebecca Wakefield (Studio Fortnum)

The former Creative Director of (another of my favourites) Banda Design Studio, Rebecca has a wonderfully distinctive and friendly design style (very Scandinavian, if you ask me - and her own house is gorgeous). She is also a pretty prolific instagram star, and her posts and stories are both informative and funny and offer a personal look into her life of running a business and raising a family.

Rebecca's House

Kate Walker Design

Based around an hour away from Melbourne, Kate Walker Design are a powerhouse of creating beautiful residential and commercial projects. Their hard finishes palettes are founded in natural materials and her style entirely timeless - clean, crisp lines but her designs never feel cold. She is also a joy to follow on instagram (and she's such a gorgeous lady, too).


I couldn't possibly have mentioned all the designers who inspire me on a daily basis, but good design doesn't happen in a vacuum - I am grateful to all those designers who inspire me to continually grow my own style.